The Song of the Count - Lemon Demon Version

The russian tunnel of death

Mozart on Bass

The Human LCD

Andre´s favorite songs

Video: Anna Ternheim - My Secret (Live)

Scotland videos by André

Scotland part 1

Scotland part 2

Scotland part 3


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Video: Ghosts Gallery

Video: Hardrocker at PC

Video: How to build a helicopter from paper

"hello everybody, I'll show you how to build manually a helicopter by using paper, a pen and a pair of scissors. The only thing to do is to draw this shape in the paper, after this we will cut it following the lines .Now I take the scissors and I start cutting . As you can see, the drawing is really simple. The circle is the counterweight, and you can make it smaller or bigger depending on the weather. Here in Lugo there's a lot of wind, that's why I put a big counterweight.... T hese are the blades, you cut it in the middle and you fold one to the left and the other to the other side. Then you make a ball with the counterweight. And that's it! This is the final result. We're gonna try it now. Let's see how it works. [...] Adioooooss"

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